Ellon Castle Gardens

Future Plans

Phase Plan

Looking forward, the scope of the project can be divided into 3 phases:

Phase A

  • Restoration of garden paths, creation of a car park and provision of visitor toilets
  • Commissioning an holistic Interpretation Plan to inform all visitor activities
  • Planting up of the east, south-west and west terrace borders

Phase B

  • Stabilisation and preservation of the old Ellon Castle ruin and the Garden House
  • Staging a national architectural competition to develop plans for a world-class Visitor Centre that properly reflects the historic architectural context

Phase C

  • Working with the winning architectural practice’s professional design team, develop detailed proposals for the new Visitor Centre on the site of the original greenhouses
  • Obtain required planning approvals
  • Build the new Centre

And throughout, growing the heart of our community by:

  • Developing greater participation in community-based activities inside Ellon Castle Gardens and the Deer Park
  • Executing smaller projects as funds allow e.g. replacement of the main gates
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