Ellon Castle Gardens

Norse Tales Beneath the Ancient Yew Trees

Traditional Storytelling by P.D. Brown

Friday 26th August   7:00pm to 8:30pm

Throughout August and September, local storyteller, P.D. Brown, will captivate us with his performance of the entire cycle of Norse myths that appears in the Eddas and elsewhere, from the Creation to the Ragnarök. The tales will be told in the spectacular setting of our ancient yew trees on the 26th August and 9th & 30th September. Each is a standalone event.

On the 26th August we will hear the telling of:

Calling to Saga, the Goddess of Story-telling – a poetic invocation in an Old Norse metre.

All-Wise’s Sayings: Unbeknown to Thor, his daughter has been betrothed to a dwarf. Thor uses brains rather than brawn to try and prevent this happening.

The Lay of Thrym: Thor’s hammer has been stolen – and he must go to extreme lengths to get it back!

The Winning of the Meade of Inspiration: Óðinn’s greatest adventure!

The Binding of Fenrir: Loki’s monstrous wolf-son is constrained – but at a cost.

Sif’s Hair: How the gods Óðinn, Thor and Freyr received their most valued possessions.

Thor’s Duel with Hrungnir: The champions of the gods and the giants face each other in single combat!


Tickets, priced at £10, are available at the Ellon Castle Gardens shop in The Square (Monday to Saturday 10am to 12 noon) and at the Gardens (Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday 11am to 3pm and Thursday 6:30pm to 8:30pm). Or contact Alison Craigon for an online payment link: A.Craigon@EllonCastleGardens.net.

Please note: the stories are aimed at adults and are not suitable for children under 12 years old.

Stories like these are usually told around a roaring campfire, but that wouldn’t be safe under our ancient yew trees, so please wrap up warm and bring a blanket if the weather is cold. Hot drinks will be provided. If possible, please bring a camping chair for the most authentic experience!

P.D. Brown

As part of the story-telling revival, P.D. Brown re-works traditional ghost stories, myths, legends and the early history of pre-mediaeval Britain as stories for oral recitation to live audiences. Details can be found on his Facebook page: Half Man, Half Myth – Storyteller.
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