Ellon Castle Gardens


What's Been Achieved so far

In progressing to this point, we have already achieved the following:

  • Commissioned specialist surveys and reports costing £76,000
  • Cleared over 30 years of neglected vegetation
  • Purchased a twelfth flat to augment our income stream
  • Stabilised, repointed and made safe the garden walls at a cost of £136,000
  • Installed drainage and utilities (electricity, water and CCTV cabling) throughout the gardens at a cost of £38,000
  • Planted up the western border ahead of opening to the public
  • Achieved a soft opening to the public of the gardens in June 2019
  • Rented office space within 2 minutes’ walk of the gardens in the centre of Ellon
  • Fully restored the Schedule A listed sundial at a cost of £12,100
  • Recruited a loyal band of volunteers to work alongside our gardener, and man the visitor gate and office during opening hours
  • Established the Patrons of Ellon Castle Gardens
  • Established a partnership with Ellon Day Opportunities to provide volunteering and work opportunities for adults with learning difficulties
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