Ellon Castle Gardens

Beautiful and Historic Ellon Castle Gardens

The beautiful and historic Ellon Castle Gardens are set right in the heart of Ellon. While the old Ellon Castle dates back to the 15th century, the Gardens reached their current size in the early 18th century and in their time, were some of the finest in Scotland. They contain a unique collection of ancient English yews thought to be at least 500 years old. 


Get Involved

The support we get from members and volunteers is vital to our continued success. Membership fees partially offset our operational costs and volunteers are helping to restore the gardens. We encourage everyone to think about becoming a member, volunteer or donor.


The narrative of the old Castle is interwoven with historical events of local, regional and national significance. There are tales of a dispute between neighbours that ended in murder, a mistress in the Castle, a secret tunnel and disillusioned Jacobite supporters.


So far we have … tamed 30 years of neglected vegetation; installed drainage and utilities throughout the gardens; made safe all the garden walls; and in 2019 we planted up the western border, opened to the public, rented an office in Ellon and acquired the Deer Park.

Support us

Giving a donation or leaving a legacy in your will are ways of making a lasting contribution to Ellon Castle Gardens. Currently, we have a number of small to medium-sized projects that could be executed with funds or donations raised from within the community.


In addition, you could donate a garden bench in memory of a loved one. If you are interested in pursuing one of these options, then please speak to a Board member or click on the Donate button below to complete our online information form.

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